DJI Mavic Air 2 review
The best drone around for beginners and hobbyists

I love the way this drone flies it’s really fantastic it’s amazing that his price is only $799. It’s stability in the wind is pretty amazing it’s very light weight it’s easy to take with you and to take to the beach of course she never flirt when there’s people on the beach but early in the morning there’s nobody on the beach.

The DJI fly app that you use to fly the Mavic Air 2 is OK I would rate the app is good it’s not great having to use a small phone screen with my older is not easy but of course the drones putting a targeted towards me. The DJ fly application does not have Facebook live I really miss that. Hopefully DJI will update the app and include a few more things like Facebook live.

I am very happy with the DJI Mavic air two drone I look forward to posting many photos for you to see. I will get my phantom 4  pro repaired after 3+ years of use it really needs a rebuild.


Mavic air 2 photos beach

Our Verdict
The best drone for most people, the Mavic Air 2 is a significant upgrade on its predecessor and our new favorite flying camera. It offers improved range, a noticeably longer battery life, excellent 4K/60p video and a whole host of new shooting features, all for the same launch price as its predecessor. Minor niggles aside, it’s a superb choice for both stills photographers and filmmakers.
Very easy to fly
Compact, folding design
Greatly improved battery life
Excellent stills and video quality

Camera feed sometimes stutters
No screen on the controller