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Well its hazy hot and humid outside. Bass have moved into a pattern where they stay deeper in the daylight and move shallow to feed during low light hours such as dusk and dawn. These bass move shallow at these times to feed-PERIOD They have a few hour window to roam the shorelines looking for food. As water temps have gotten into the 80s -their metabolism rates increase. They need to replenish fat reserves they lose during severe
warm water conditions.
Here is my early morning regiment. You can do this from a boat or from the shoreline. It works for tournaments or just for fun fishing.
LOCATING bass in early mornings is pretty easy-
First rule -COVER WATER QUICKLY. .How -With a “search bait”
My favorite search bait in summer -A Cavitron Buzz Bait.
This bait allows you to cover water quickly-bass are on the move and are opportunists. They know they have a closed window opportunity to feed up and get back down to their cooler water sanctuary before the hot sun heats up the shallows to unbearable levels.
This bait mimics a variety of different forage -minnows -rodents and other readily available prey. They can be fished with a bait caster or spinning rod. -A 10 year old to 80 year old grandma can cast and catch bass on a buzz bait- Its very easy to use . Cast it out and retrieve it slowly across the surface – Ya better hold on as well -these baits not only catch numbers of bass but giants as well.
There are times I find the bass in a foot of water right next to the shoreline -There are times I throw the buzz bait ON SHORE then drag it it the water. These bass are just waiting for easy meals to expose themselves right on the shoreline. Its a great way to catch bass. There are times when I cast a little to far from the shoreline and dont get bit -so pay attention to where you are getting the strikes and pattern them.
Try to find an area that has nice green grass nearby. Baitfish live in the green grass and bass come to gorge themselves while they have the opportunity. Cast the Cavitron over the grass -Bass will explode on them . Usually if you catch one bass -there are certainly more bass near by. Try to find grassflats that are near deep water drop offs. That way the bass have easy access to their summertime refuge..
Target stumps ,laydowns ,brush piles and boulders. These are bass magnets. Bass will congregate around them just looking for easy prey to come buzzing by. .
My tooling gauge-
The 1/4 oz Cavitron -for when there is little to no wind or chop on the water-At times the larger sizes may deter strikes -its a little more subtle
The 3/8 and 1/2 oz -larger blades for when the wind is blowing and the chop is up- It makes it easier for the bass to find / locate the baits.
Black for low light condition
White -you can throw all day
Ghost Minnow -Thats a shad pattern/ baitfish- Use that in clearer water
Chartreuse –Dirty to muddy water and smallmouth bass
Chartreuse /white–stained water-clarity to 2 ft–
I hope this helps you CATCH MORE BASS.
Remember in these crazy times ,its all about having fun. BRING YOUR SON/DAUGHTER WITH YOU. Get them out of the house and hooked on fishing.
If you have any questions -just ask
Thank you

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