I used to walk the boardwalk in Ocean Grove, remember it was 2010 I was working on my first photography calendar met a group of older men sitting in lawn chairs at the boardwalk and they said to me you just missed the whales if you’ve been here have a earlier you would’ve seen them. They said this to me over the course of a couple months 2010 in the fall I really thought they were seeing things cause living across from the ocean on Ocean Ave., Belmar I’ve never seen a Whale and I’ve been living in Belmar since 1985. We can now we’ll see Wells I’m almost to daily basis. Join us soon be part of the 1% of the people in the world we’ve seen a whale in person it’s amazing it’s worth the effort your family will love it and I guarantee I will show you At least one sometimes 4-5 whales in the wild if for some reason we miss on the trip we take you out again for free I can’t give you a better offer than that hope to see you soon Bill https://www.jerseyshorewhalewatchingtour.com